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The Ayn Rand Institute

-- The institute dedicated to spreading Objectivism into our culture

The University of Michigan Students of Objectivism

-- The UMSO is a local student group at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Andrew Bernstein's Official Homepage

-- Dr. Andrew Bernstein is a philosopher and professor.  He is the author of The Capitalist Manifesto and Heart of a Pagan.

Dr. Leonard Peikoff's Official Homepage

-- Dr. Leonard Peikoff is Ayn Rand's intellectual heir.  He has authored Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand and The Ominous Parallels.

Capitalism Magazine

-- An online collection of essays related to Capitalism and Objectivism

The Ayn Rand Bookstore

-- The official bookstore of The Ayn Rand Institute.   One stop shopping for serious Objectivists.

Ron's Tea Party Pictures

-- The name says it all!

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