Ask Aristotle!

A Brief History of This Nostalgic Section of Our Website:

At our previous website,, we had an interactive section that was both intelligent, whimsical, and informative. I like to think of it as the "Dear Abby" of philosophy, and it really captured the spirit of our group.

This part of our website was run by an honorary "member" of our group, Aristotle. We made believe that the great master was reincarnated and manifested himself in a cute and lovable Teddy bear (who, by the way, still sits in my living room). Visitors were invited to submit questions to him via the website, and the historic master would reply. We encouraged our visitors to play along with the charade, for if you addressed Aristotle in the third person instead of saying "you", he would get mildly offended when he replied. Because of this light-hearted charade, we kept his true identity a secret. Well, I guess I can now tell you that it was me all along.

Aristotle's questions and answers were grouped into different sections, based on subject matter, called "Aristotle's Categories." Clever eh? I have retained those categories for visitors to read and enjoy again. You may find that some Q&A appear more than once. This is because some subjects could be classified in more than one category. Join us by revisiting these fun and illuminating letters. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.