Ask Aristotle!

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Aristotle's Categories:

  1. Metaphysics

  2. The giant among philosophers addresses questions concerning the nature of existence.

  3. Epistemology

  4. Aristotle let's us know how we know what we know!

  5. Ethics

  6. The first question in the field of ethics is not "what moral code should a man follow?", but "why does Man need a moral code?".

  7. Politics

  8. Aristotle is going to lay down the law! (And despite what the Libertarians would have you believe, this is NOT the starting point in philosophy.)

  9. Art

  10. Not only does he know it when he sees it, he knows the definition!

  11. Current Events

  12. Well, they were current at the time. In any case, they are still relevent. Should we rename them "relevent events"?

  13. Religion

  14. "Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth." It's going to take a lot of effort to undo what Plato has done!

  15. General

  16. A miscellanious group of Q&A that even Aristotle couldn't categorize.

  17. Light Hearted

  18. These are some of the less cerebral entries demonstrating that even a 2,000+ year old dead guy has a sense of humor.

  19. Aristotle on Aristotle

  20. Will this guy ever stop talking about himself???

  21. Aristotle on Ayn Rand

  22. I often imagine what it would be like to have dinner with these two great philosophers. I guess this would be the next best thing!

  23. The Last of Aristotle

  24. These questions originally appeared under "most recent" on our previous website. They are now officially the last questions Aristotle answered.

  25. Our Favorites

  26. These were chosen as some of our personal favorites for various reasons.